Ye Babel Élite

The beetle Bailey fêz its comic-peels debut as one cutup of the college in 1950 in mere 50 periodicals. The characteristic was bought and syndicated for the Characteristic king and is written down soon as the last strap approved personally for William Randolph Hearst.

With entrance of America in the conflict korean, the character of the star of walker of Mort of cartoonist signed up accidentally in the army, and the rest is comic-peels history! the "beetle Bailey" was on changedding takes off it comic more extensively distributed of third of all the hour. Its error proved one blessing in the disguise, as reading of more than 1.800 periodicals around the world can certify today.

The strap is rounded off outside by a potentiometer of melting of the characters outrageous that they have stars become in its proper right. Beyond, of the "o mold of Bailey beetle" of the characters it was also the inspiration for dúzias of the games, toys, enigmas, patches, apparel and cards of fulfilment.

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Ye Babel Élite

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