Wonderful Comics
No. 01                                             Year 1997

Displayed on your screen right now is the first issue of the comics fanzine Wonderful Comics. This publication is entirely web-based and no printed edition will be produced. It comes in two editions, this English one and one in Swedish.

Literature and visual arts are two of the most wonderful means of expression. It's not surprising then that comics, being a fusion of the two, has such a great potential. When at its best, comics can be even more than the sum of its components.
This is the reason why comics is the subject of this 'zine.

In this first issue of Wonderful Comics there are many interesting comics. John Holmavall has contributed with, among other things, the first page of a completely painted comic. Magnus Johansson has made a somewhat cynical cartoon, and in this issue a number of strips of his comic cyberjonny has also been included.

However, comics isn't everything this fanzine contains. A section called Wonderful Culture will deal mostly literature -- including more popular genres like science fiction and fantasy -- and art. In the first issue, Philip Carlsson has analysed the novel "Good Omens" and Chaka Slodan has written a wonderful poem titled "Tripping on Boredom and Coffee in South E. Queensland".

I hope you will enjoy this first issue of Wonderful Comics. If you wish to be contacted when the next issue is coming up, please send an email to: wonderful@wonderfulcomics.com.

To the memory of André Franquin


John Holmvall
Beast  image
EC  image
Magnus Johansson
cyberjonny  comic
Adam Boman
Evolution  comic
Depression  comic
Think Tank  comic

Philip Carlsson
Good Omens  analysis
Chaka Slodan
Tripping on Boredom and Coffee in South E. Queensland  poetry


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